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Supporting Local Makes a Big Impact

The gift of Chamber Checks makes it easy to support local because you can use them as currency at numerous Hudson Chamber businesses*! Plus, 100% or your purchase goes directly to the local business, no processing fees. Simply order online through our Chamber portal below, or call 715-386-8411 and pay by credit card. Please contact us with any questions or custom orders. 

The "Hudson Has Heart" package makes Chamber Checks easy to give. Three Hudson pick-up locations to make them easy to get. Order multiples for your friends, family, or employees and they can decide how to enjoy their Chamber Checks locally!

Thank you for supporting our local businesses! 


*Some businesses do not accept checks as payment, Chamber Checks will not be accepted at those businesses.
* Some larger local stores and some gas stations are unable to accept these Checks.
*Your Check is NOT redeemable for cash.
• Please try to use the full amount of the Check.
• If the purchase is less than the value of the Check, change back will be issued.
• Please fill in the “Pay to the Order of” line where you are redeeming. 

* Checks that have expired with the expiration date listed in the memo line will not be reissued. 

For any questions regarding your Chamber Check, please reach out to the Hudson Area Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau.

The Chamber has over 400 members so the possibilities are endless!
Below are some categories of businesses to visit.

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