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2022 Meet the Hudson Candidates

Get to know the candidates this season by reviewing our quick reference page. Each candidate's response is under each question to allow our community to compare the responses provided.

If you are interested in a candidate's answer to a specific question, simply click the + icon next the candidate's name to reveal their answer.

Spring Elections are schedule April 5, 2022. Find more information at


What will be your top three priorities if elected and why?
How do your priorities specifically impact Hudson businesses and tourism?
What is your vision for the Hudson area?
Infrastructure in Hudson is in critical condition and required improvements are not fiscally possible with the current budget. Please explain how this happened, what strategies you would implement besides raising taxes to alleviate the current crisis, and how would you ensure we do not find ourselves in the same situation in the future.
Divisiveness was one of the top answers to “what issues are our community facing” in our annual Chamber survey. How do you propose to tackle that issue?
According to the 2021 Chamber survey, two of the issues facing our businesses is housing and transportation. If elected, what will you do to support the community in these areas?
The following is the current policy regarding Public comments at Common Council meetings:
“Public comments will not be taken during the Council meeting on any agenda item that is not listed under comments or as a Public Hearing. If you have comments on an agenda item please contact your council representative and/or the mayor to provide your input prior to the meeting. Council contact information can be found here, or you may email the mayor and all council members here, or you can call 715-386-4765.”
Do you embrace this policy and why? How do you propose this policy allows for adequate and fair discourse on issues impacting the community?
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