Historically known for our beautiful view.

Hudson was founded in the summer of 1840 by Louis Massey and Pete Bouchea. Massey and Bouchea settled at the mouth of the Willow River, now the vicinity of First and St. Croix Streets. The 1840s saw a few settlers making their appearance here - Captain John Page, the Nobles brothers, Dr. Philip Aldrich, Ammah Andrews, Moses Perrin, Colonel James Hughes, Daniel Anderson and others.

The settlement was known as Willow River up until 1848, when the name was changed to Buena Vista. Early settler, Joel Foster stated that this name was appropriate since the area did, indeed, have a ‘beautiful view.’

The 1850’s and 1860’s saw a great influx of settlers, and many of today’s Hudson citizens are descendants of these early pioneers. The main attraction of this area at the time was the first lumber industry, and as time went on the entire St. Croix Valley was dotted with sawmills of varying importance.

In 1852, A.D. Gray, Hudson’s first mayor, petitioned to change the name of the city to Hudson, because the St. Croix reminded him of New York’s Hudson River.

The St. Croix is recognized as one of the most beautiful rivers in the United States. In 1972, Congress designated the St. Croix River as a protected scenic river way, preserving the beauty of the shoreline for generations to come.

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